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Hari Sundar began his online marketing journey after a transformative surgery, initially starting with a blog on Google Blogger. Despite setbacks, he persisted, learned online marketing ropes, and now shares insights on

Hari Sundar’s mission is to share valuable insights and reviews, embracing imperfection and continual growth. Through perseverance, learning, and rebranding, he aims to inspire and inform others in the digital world.

Apart from online marketing, Hari Sundar enjoys playing Chess, practicing yoga and meditation, and learning about health, wellness, and natural living. He is committed to lifelong learning for personal and professional growth.

Hari Sundar specializes in SEO, content writing, and AI tools. His passion for online marketing and continuous learning drives him to excel in these areas and share his knowledge with others.

Hari Sundar aims to inspire others by sharing his journey of perseverance, growth, and learning. Through his content on, he strives to motivate and empower individuals to embrace their own paths to success.


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Explore Hari Sundar’s Recognitions and Certifications