Hi everyone, my name is Hari, and I am the owner of this blog. I am from a small town in Tamil Nadu, India. And welcome to my story. Here is a shorter story of my blogging journey.

Life threw me a curveball early on. A chronic condition limited my ability to run around like most kids. Simple tasks like walking or climbing stairs became challenges. It limited my ability to engage in physical sports and activities.

Even my vision took a hit, with double vision blurring the world. School wasn’t easy – classmates often didn’t understand, and there were moments of ridicule.

But here’s the thing: While my body had limitations, my mind didn’t. Studies became my sanctuary, and by excelling academically, I surpassed 95% of my peers, which kept me motivated.

A Turning Point and a New Path

September 2019 was a turning point. Not just because of the Thymectomy surgery, but because it also coincided with getting my first laptop. Yes, laptop for the first time! Suddenly, confined to home and on a temporary school break for almost a year, my world felt smaller than ever.

Feeling lost and unsure of what to do next, I binge-watched movies, it became my default, a time-waster in disguise. But as the days blurred, a spark ignited in me.

Motivational videos and inspiring speeches became my new go-to – and let me tell you, seeing people making money online was a serious eye-opener for me. It was then that the seed of digital marketing was planted.

The surgery, though challenging, pushed me toward the exciting world of digital marketing. Searching and watching countless videos on YouTube on how to make money online, a video about blogging grabbed my attention.

And guess what? I started my first blog! Why a blog because it was not new to me, I was already taught about blogging during my school days.

IIT Dreams and a Reality Check

In 2021, I graduated high school. Actually, a slight detour – the surgery put my studies on hold for a bit. But I bounced back, graduating with flying colors.

Engineering at an IIT – that was the initial dream. I even took a year to prepare for the entrance exam. Unfortunately, my health played a part again, and the dream of becoming an IITian didn’t pan out. It left me questioning – how I could achieve that level of success without that specific degree.

College Wasn’t the Answer (for Me)

By mid-2022, I knew college wasn’t the right fit (though I did briefly try BS in Data Science at IIT Madras). Instead, I dove headfirst into learning digital marketing.

Free online courses and countless YouTube tutorials became my classroom. I launched a blog under my name, building a personal brand as I went.

2023 brought an internship at Inmakes Infotech, further sharpening my digital marketing skills. Then came Blog Growth Engine – an investment that skyrocketed my blog knowledge.

How My First Blog Went?

My digital marketing journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. The first attempt at blogging involved a free platform (Blogger) and, well, let’s just say “copying and pasting” was the strategy.

I shared my blog posts through social media and told my friends and family, “Hey, look at my new blog”. But announcing my “blog” existence hoping to hold myself accountable, this approach backfired. At that time I had very little knowledge about the mechanics of blogging. SEO, keyword research, and website ranking were foreign concepts back then.

After a few months, I bought a domain name, integrated it into my website, and poured hours into perfecting the blog’s design. But perfectionism has a way of backfiring, and my creation remained largely unnoticed.

Gradually, the work grew monotonous and failed to translate into any substantial earnings. Discouraged, I eventually gave up for almost a year.

Here’s the snapshot of my abandoned Blogger blog:

My abandoned old blog stats
My abandoned old blog stats

Picking Myself Up and Starting Smarter

After I gave up on my blog, board exams and competitive tests were next on the agenda, but unfortunately, those didn’t go as planned either. Feeling lost and with my health a constant concern, I decided to drop out of college.

Even dropping out of college didn’t go as planned, a lot of pressure on my head, and it felt like I couldn’t take it anymore! When it comes to an Indian parent, college is everything for a good living, and convincing them was one of the hardest things I ever did.

However, I knew a valuable skill could trump a traditional degree. So, I revisited my neglected blog, a few hundred random views it was only a souvenir (the domain had even expired!).

I am determined to learn the art of blogging the right way, learning everything from scratch, from keyword research, content creation, and link building, to the whole shebang. Books, articles, blogs, and online courses became my new companions.

A Blog Built on Learning and Growth

This time, at the beginning of 2023, I shed perfectionism and launched a new blog under my name, Hari Sundar, using WordPress as my platform.

This blog, harisundar.com is focused on all the aspects of digital marketing, content creation, and creating a sustainable business in the background of your life. It provides you with the best user guides, tips, and tricks, the right strategies you can follow, product reviews, comparisons, informative posts, and more.

Why I Can Help You

My struggles taught me valuable lessons. Now, I can help you navigate the world of SEO content writing and get your website ranking higher. Whether you’re drowning in low organic traffic or struggling with keyword research, I’ve been there.

I specialize in on-page SEO, helping website owners climb the Google ranks and build topical authority without wasting time on ineffective strategies. My clients have seen a significant increase in traffic within a short period.

Are You Facing These SEO Challenges? I may be a great fit if you are facing these challenges:

  • Low organic traffic despite published content?
  • Keyword research woes?
  • Lost rankings to competitors?
  • Difficulty targeting user intent?
  • Struggling with creating a topical map?
  • Balancing SEO with user experience?

Working with Me Means:

  • Saying goodbye to SEO struggles.
  • Crafting user-friendly content that resonates with your audience.
  • Witnessing a rise in Google rankings and organic traffic.
  • Building a strong topical authority with a strategic plan.
  • Dominating relevant sub-niches within your broader industry.
  • Targeting the right keywords with the perfect search intent.

Ready to Take Your Website to the Next Level?

I’ve invested in Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine Course, the fastest-growing blogging community on the internet, honing my SEO and content marketing skills. I’ve gained experience crafting high-quality SEO content for my blog during these years.

I understand the best SEO strategies experts use to boost traffic and rankings, landing you on that coveted first page of Google. I’m comfortable working with clients in various industries, including SaaS, B2B, and B2C.

Here’s a glimpse of what I bring to the table:

  • 3+ years of experience in SEO, blogging, and content creation.
  • Knowledge of using Digital Marketing + AI tools. I’ve tested more than 50 tools in the market.
  • Proven track record of increasing organic traffic across diverse blogs and industries.
  • Investment in Blog Growth Engine – the leading course for bloggers.
  • Digital Marketing Internship at Inmakes Infotech Pvt Limited.

This journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s been incredibly rewarding. Every hurdle I’ve overcome has fueled my passion for helping others succeed in the digital space.

Beyond the Blog: Building a Sustainable Digital Haven

My story isn’t just about overcoming illness and finding success in digital marketing. It’s about building a future where I can live life on my terms.

A traditional college path wasn’t the right fit for me, and with the ever-evolving job market, I even don’t like working 9 to 5 for a lifetime, I am not that person to work on a traditional job, and I believe high-value skills are more important than ever.

Here’s the thing: while a college degree can open doors, it’s not a guarantee of success in the age of AI. Think of it this way – if a robot can do your job, that specific degree might not hold the same weight in the future.

Instead, focusing on acquiring a high-paying skill like SEO, learning how to use AI tools, content marketing, and creating sustainable businesses can equip you to thrive in a changing landscape. The good news? Understanding the marketing and sales ecosystem doesn’t require a fancy degree.

The key is to avoid the “get rich quick” mentality that plagues the internet. I know building a sustainable business takes time, patience, and a commitment to implementing the right strategies consistently, yes, I am here to build that!

This blog, harisundar.com, is more than just a collection of articles. It’s my digital haven, a space where I can share my knowledge and experience while building a sustainable business.

Ranking for relevant keywords on Google search is like creating a digital asset, one that can generate income and bring me time freedom.

Living with a chronic illness has shaped my perspective in more ways than one. It’s fueled a passion for health and wellness, and I’m constantly exploring natural approaches to healing. That’s why I believe in nourishing my body with the right foods and practices, like yoga and meditation.

My vision isn’t about a life chained to a desk. It’s about building a career that allows for freedom and flexibility. Sure, money is important, but without the free time to enjoy it, what’s the point?

This blog is the foundation for a future where I can work remotely, travel the world (once my health allows!), and live a fulfilling life on my terms.

Now, I would like to say thank you for reading my story. If you have to tell me anything please leave it in the comments or reach out to me via LinkedIn or Instagram. Again, Thanks!

Blog Author,

Hari Sundar.