Best SEO Copywriting Toos
Best SEO Copywriting Toos

As a copywriter, you should know your audience well, their pain points, and what they expect from you. You should educate and engage them and make them take action. Creating great content that speaks with your audience is vital in any online business.

Do you know in the 2020s, creating fantastic content requires more than just excellent writing? Writing is one part, and dominating the search engines is the next. You need content that inspires your readers as well as better rankings.

It is not about keyword stuffing and forfeiting your content quality; Google won’t reward you. It rewards quality content and better user experience. SEO copywriting is time-consuming, and you may need to catch up with the competition.

So, why should you use SEO copywriting tools? They provide you with assistance and speed up your content creation journey. From keyword research to AI-powered writing assistance, these tools can help you save time, overcome writer’s block, and create content that resonates with your audience and drives results.

Are you curious to explore these tools and see how they can benefit you? Dive into this blog post to discover the top options, understand their functionalities, and learn how to choose the right one for your needs. Let’s unlock the power of SEO copywriting together!

What are the Best SEO Copywriting Tools in 2024?

Here are my ranked best SEO copywriting tools you can use to create content that ranks. My ranking is based on their key benefits, pros and cons, and pricing. I tested these tools for my content writing and optimization.

1. Create Human-like Content, the rebranded Jarvis, is an AI writing assistant that can produce human-like content. Blast through writer’s block and generate high-converting content across formats, from product descriptions to blog posts.

Key Benefits:

  • Generate long-form articles and blog content, outlines, blog intros, social media captions, and more.
  • Target a wider audience by creating content in various languages.
  • Train Jasper on your brand guidelines and writing style for a consistent and on-brand copy.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with content optimized for search engines.
  • Boost your workflow with Google Docs, Chrome, and other integrations.

Pros & Cons:


  • You can create highly versatile and human-like content.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow.
  • Constantly evolving features and updates.


  • Higher pricing compared to some essential tools.
  • Occasional accuracy issues require human oversight.

Jasper Pricing:

Jasper offers flexible pricing plans:

  • Creator: $39/month – Perfect for solopreneurs and small businesses.
  • Pro: $59/month – Ideal for teams and agencies.
  • Business: Tailored plans for high-volume content needs. Everything is personalized for you.

Bottom Line: is a powerful tool for content creators of all levels, but its value proposition rests on your specific needs and budget. It helps you create new content like a human writer. Give Jasper a try to enhance your copywriting process.

2. NeuronWriter: Write Like a Pro with AI Writing Assistant

If you’re looking for an SEO content writer that supercharges your content generation process, NeuronWriter is a compelling choice.

Its research-backed approach, AI-powered writing assistance, and focus on competitor analysis make it ideal for anyone who wants to create captivating copy that ranks high and resonates with readers.

Key Benefits:

  • Analyze top-ranking articles, get competitor insights, and generate content ideas based on actual search data—no more brainstorming in the dark.
  • Struggling with writer’s block? Let NeuronWriter’s AI engine draft compelling intros, outlines, and entire articles based on your chosen keywords and topics. You can write with different tones of voice to engage the readers.
  • It ensures your content is naturally filled with relevant semantic keywords without sacrificing readability and keyword stuffing and ranks higher on search engines.
  • Get everything inside the tool without manually looking at the SERPs and leverage those insights to create better content that captures the audience’s attention.
  • Generate a comprehensive list of relevant questions your target audience might ask, then answer them seamlessly within your content for ultimate user engagement.

Pros & Cons:


  • Powerful AI writing and content editor.
  • You can able to do a comprehensive competitor analysis and SEO features.
  • It comes with an in-built plagiarism checker.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.
  • Affordable pricing compared to similar tools.


  • AI-generated content may require editing for optimal flow and voice.
  • Limited integrations with other platforms.
  • Limited AI advanced templates.
  • Limited options to create social media content.
  • Sometimes, the autosave function doesn’t work; I must do it manually.

NeuronWriter Pricing:

NeuronWriter offers flexible plans to suit your needs:

Free Plan: You will get a free trial with all features for one month; after that, you can access limited features, which will reset each month.

Bronze: $19/month – Best for small business owners and content creators

Silver: $37/month – Perfect for freelance copywriters and business owners growing businesses.

Gold: $57/month – Best for small enterprises and a team of content creators.

Platinum: $77/month – It is best for content agencies working on multiple domains.

Diamond: $97/month – This plan best suits bigger agencies or teams working on multiple projects.

Bottom Line:

I use NeuronWriter to write blog posts faster. It is one of the best tools out there to create SEO-friendly content. It also comes with an in-built plagiarism checker, so you don’t have to use any other tool to check its originality. Look at this tool, try it for free, and create and speed up your content process.

3. Effortless Copywriting for All simplifies the content creation with its user-friendly interface and diverse writing options. Whether you need catchy social media captions, persuasive product descriptions, or engaging blog posts, has got you covered.

Key Benefits:

  • Choose from various pre-written templates across diverse content formats, from ad copy and landing page to blog intro and meta description.
  • Overcome writer’s block with AI-generated content suggestions for different tones and styles. Fine-tune these suggestions to match your brand voice.
  • Explore’s core features for free, then upgrade for higher output limits and access to premium templates and tools.
  • Create content in 25+ languages, expanding your reach to global audiences.
  • Connect to popular marketing platforms like Shopify and Zapier for streamlined workflows.

Pros & Cons:


  • Beginner-friendly interface.
  • The tool offers a diverse range of content templates.
  • Freemium model for casual users.
  • Multi-language support.
  • You can integrate with online marketing platforms.


  • It would be best to edit the output to increase your content’s uniqueness.
  • Limited customization options compared to advanced competitors.
  • The free plan has significant restrictions. Pricing:

Free: Limited daily outputs and core templates.

Pro: $36/month for increased outputs, premium templates, and access to long-form content tools. Best for individuals and small teams.

Team: $186/month for team collaboration, project management, and AI integration.

Enterprise: Talk to their team for custom pricing. Best for larger organizations.

Bottom Line: is an excellent choice for beginners and budget-conscious users seeking quick and easy content generation with various templates.

It helps your marketing strategy by attracting sales and generating leads. Look at’s free plan today to create every piece of content like a pro.

4. Surfer SEO: Optimize Content for Search Engine Visibility

Surfer SEO is ideal for content creators and SEO professionals seeking data-driven insights and guidance to optimize their content for search engines.

It is my first favorite tool for optimizing my content. Surfer SEO can be valuable if you prioritize competitor analysis and on-page SEO. 

Key Benefits:

  • Analyzes your content against competitor pages, suggesting edits for keyword density, readability, and content structure.
  • Provides keyword clusters and topic suggestions based on competitors, helping you plan comprehensive content.
  • Streamlines writing with real-time feedback on SEO factors, ensuring your content aligns with best practices.
  • You can optimize your existing content, which helps you refresh and improve its rankings.
  • Analyzes competitor backlink profiles, providing insights for your link-building strategy.

Pros & Cons:


  • You will get a data-driven approach based on competitor analysis.
  • Comprehensive on-page SEO optimization guidance.
  • Comes with content planning and editing tools for streamlined creation.
  • Get backlink analysis insights to build a solid link profile.
  • Easy integration with WordPress and other tools.


  • Primarily focused on on-page SEO; lacks broader marketing features.
  • Some features, like backlink analysis, are limited in lower-tier plans.
  • It only analyses originality against competitors and does not check plagiarism like NeuronWriter.


Essential: $89/month. Best for freelancers, copywriters, and small business owners.

Scale: $129/month. Perfect for small teams and mid-sized agencies.

Scale AI: $219/month. You will get AI integration, which is best for SEO agencies and teams.

Enterprise: From $399/month. For larger agencies and organizations.

Surfer SEO offers tools designed to optimize content for higher search engine rankings. It analyses competitors’ top-ranking content and guides users toward creating similar pieces. Check out the tool and see if it aligns with your content writing goals.

5. Frase: SEO Content Optimization Engine

Frase empowers creators with a comprehensive suite of tools for in-depth research, AI-powered writing assistance, and data-driven optimization for improved search engine visibility, all geared toward achieving higher rankings.

Key Benefits:

  • Uncover critical topics competitors cover but you miss, ensuring your content addresses all relevant aspects.
  • Leverage AI to draft outlines, introductions, and content sections, streamlining the writing process.
  • Track your progress towards comprehensive content coverage based on competitor analysis and SEO best practices.
  • Manage projects, assign tasks, and collaborate seamlessly within the platform with team members.
  • Connect Frase with marketing tools like SEMrush and Google Docs for a unified workflow.

Pros & Cons:


  • It offers in-depth content gap analysis for comprehensive coverage.
  • Write with an AI writing engine to create content faster.
  • It gives you topic score guidance for targeted SEO optimization.
  • Collaborate with team members for efficient workflows.


  • Pricing might be steeper for smaller creators compared to some competitors.
  • AI output may require refinement for optimal quality and brand voice.


Solo: $14.99/month – Suitable for individual creators.

Basic: $44.99/month – Supports teams with additional features and user seats.

Team: $114.99/month – For high-volume content creation needs.

Bottom Line:

If you prioritize comprehensive content coverage and collaborative workflows, Frase is a powerful tool to consider. Ready to analyze your content gaps and create SEO-winning pieces? Explore Frase’s features and see if they align with your needs.

6. Semrush SEO Writing Assistant: Streamline SEO-Friendly Content Creation

Semrush also offers SEO writing assistance and keyword research. It is a valuable addition for content creators already using Semrush, offering real-time SEO feedback and research-driven insights.

If you’re looking for a standalone AI writing tool with advanced features, consider trying Semrush for comprehensive SEO and content creation, potentially including the Assistant based on your needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Get live feedback on keyword density, readability, and content length, ensuring alignment with best practices.
  • Uncover relevant topics and keywords based on competitor analysis and search trends.
  • Avoid plagiarism concerns with built-in originality checks against online sources.
  • Ensure your content is clear, concise, and tailored to your target audience’s tone preferences.
  • Leverage Semrush’s existing keyword research and competitive analysis data for deeper insights.

Pros & Cons:


  • It provides you with real-time SEO feedback for informed content creation.
  • Research extensive topics and get well-researched competitor analysis insights.
  • Check plagiarism for peace of mind.
  • Analyze your readability and tone for audience-centric writing.
  • Seamless integrates with the Semrush platform.


  • You will require a paid Semrush subscription with no standalone option.
  • It may offer less advanced AI features compared to other tools.
  • You need to upgrade to Guru Plan to access the writing assistant fully.


Semrush Pro: $129.95/month – For beginners and small teams.

Semrush Guru: $249.95/month – Best suited for mid-sized agencies and teams.

Semrush Business: $499.95/month – Perfect for larger teams and content marketing agencies.

You can also contact them for customized pricing. Individual pricing for the Writing assistant isn’t available.

Bottom Line:

Overall, Semrush SEO Writing Assistant aims to be a comprehensive tool for content creators. It helps you write content that is engaging for readers and well-optimized for search engines. If you already use Semrush for keyword research or are planning to migrate, you can try using its SEO writing assistant.

7. Simplified: Design and Content Creation in One Platform

Simplified offers an all-in-one platform for creating visual content, managing projects, and collaborating with teams.

Its user-friendly interface, design templates, and AI-powered tools make it accessible for beginners. It caters to individuals and businesses seeking a streamlined design and content creation experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Access a library of templates and design assets for social media posts, presentations, infographics, and more. No design expertise is required.
  • Utilize AI-powered tools for writing, image generation, and background removal, boosting your creative workflow.
  • Store colors, fonts, and logos for consistent brand identity across all your projects.
  • Invite team members, share projects, and collaborate seamlessly on designs and content.
  • Enjoy basic features and limited content generation at no cost.

Pros & Cons:


  • User-friendly interface is ideal for beginners.
  • You will get a wide range of design templates and assets.
  • Create content faster with AI assistance.
  • It offers a free plan for basic needs.


  • Limited customization options compared to dedicated design software.
  • AI output may require editing for optimal quality.
  • The free plan has significant restrictions.


They provide plans and pricing for Graphic design, video editing, AI writing, and social media. Here, I list the AI writer’s plans for copywriting.

Free: With this plan, you will get unlimited design projects, writing templates, and more.

Pro: ($11/month) – AI writing templates, AI blog wizard, plagiarism checker, 80+ AI Templates, and 35,000 Words.

Business: ($29/month) – 100,000 Words, Advanced AI features to collaborate with your team and clients and access the API.

Agency: ($119/month) – 600,000 Words. Seamlessly work with multiple brands, and you will get in-depth collaborations.

Bottom Line:

Simplified is a convenient platform for those seeking a simple way to create visual content and manage projects. Try Simplified’s free plan to see if it meets your design and content creation needs.

8. Grammarly: Grammar and Style Guardian

Grammarly is valuable for writers beyond basic corrections, seeking comprehensive grammar and style checks, clarity suggestions, and plagiarism detection.

It integrates seamlessly across various platforms, making it a versatile tool for writers of all levels. It is one of my favorite tools; with this tool, it is easier for me to publish blog posts.

Key Benefits:

  • It checks your text and corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Grammarly provides clarity and style suggestions: Identifies complex sentences, passive voice, and word choice, suggesting improvements for conciseness and clarity.
  • It recommends word choices to match your desired tone (formal, informal, etc.).
  • It flags potential plagiarism against online sources.
  • Grammarly is compatible with multiple devices.

Pros & Cons:


  • Comprehensive grammar and style checks.
  • It offers clarity and tone suggestions for improved writing.
  • You can check plagiarism against billions of web pages.
  • Convenient cross-platform accessibility.


  • The free plan lacks key features like clarity and plagiarism checks.
  • Premium plans might be expensive for casual users.
  • Suggestions may not always align perfectly with specific writing styles.


Free: Basic grammar and punctuation checks. You can also get a free trial if you want to upgrade.

Premium: ($30/month, $12/month, billed annually) All features, including clarity, style, and plagiarism checks.

Business: ( $15/month, $25/month, billed annually) Team collaboration features and advanced security options.

Bottom Line:

The free version offers basic functionality, while paid plans provide more advanced features. Consider exploring Grammarly’s premium plans if you prioritize accurate and polished writing. It is worth buying because more than a free plan is needed to create better content and beat the competition.

Some Bonus SEO Copywriting Tools

Here are some bonus tools you can use to write a captivating copy, whether for your freelancing work or your blog.

1. Hemingway App: Analyses your Readability Score

The Hemingway App is a straightforward tool for writers seeking to improve sentence clarity and conciseness. This tool highlights overly complex sentences, adverbs, passive voices, and jargon in your writing, promoting clear and concise prose.

After writing a blog post, I used this tool to improve my readability score. Its free version offers basic checks, while the paid desktop app provides more options. If you prioritize straightforward readability assessments, the Hemingway App is worth exploring.

The free version is more than enough if you are looking to improve your readability score. But not that it has limited functionality compared to advanced grammar tools like Grammarly. It costs $19.99 for offline access and additional features like AI assistance.

2. ChatGPT: Write Like a Pro, Effortlessly

ChatGPT had over 100 million users within two months of its launch and received over 10 million daily queries. Everyone uses ChatGPT; I use it daily to brainstorm ideas, research things, and do my day-to-day operations.

With this free tool, you can generate unique content ideas, craft captivating headlines, and even draft entire articles with ChatGPT’s intuitive interface and powerful language models. It helps you to overcome writer’s block and gives you writing assistance.

All you need to do is write the prompt for the best output. If your prompt is average, the result will also be average. So, make the best out of it and unlock your writing potential.

Start with the free plan (GPT 3.5), and you can upgrade to the GPT 4 model ($20/month) to create the best content tailored to your audience’s interest.

3. Gemini: Best Competitor to ChatGPT

Gemini Is a Google product, and they renamed Bard to Gemini. It is not only an AI writing assistant but also understands your intent and constantly learns from your interactions.

Unlike language models like GPT-4, It leverages Google’s latest AI advancements to offer a real-time experience. You can use Gemini to write captivating copy for a social media post, generate product descriptions and product reviews, or it can generate an entire blog post.

I use it because it directly integrates into Google Workspace, making my work much more manageable. First, go with the free version, and if you want to experience the Gemini Advanced, it will cost you around $20 per month.

What are SEO Copywriting Tools?

They are valuable tools for content creators like you and me, offering a range of functionalities beyond basic grammar, readability, and plagiarism checks. Here are the benefits these tools can provide.

  1. It helps you to identify relevant keywords and analyze competitor content, ensuring your copy targets the right audience and search intent.
  2. It outlines your content, suggest relevant subheadings, and ensure a logical flow that keeps readers engaged.
  3. These tools analyze your writing style, highlighting complex sentences and suggesting edits to improve readability and tailor your tone to your target audience.
  4. Feeling stuck staring at a blank page? The tools offer AI-powered assistance, generating content ideas, headlines, and even entire drafts based on your chosen topic and keywords. It is like having a personal SEO copywriter, saving valuable time.

Leverage these SEO copywriter tools to make captivating content that resonates with your audience. But you must proofread every content produced to ensure its accuracy and relevancy. They are supplementary tools and not your replacement.

How Can Writing Tools Benefit You?

Beyond the specific functionalities mentioned above, these tools offer a wealth of benefits for content creators of all levels:

1. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: These tools streamline your workflow by automating tedious tasks like keyword research, content formatting, and readability checks. It frees up valuable time for you to focus on the creative aspects of writing.

2. It Increases Content Quality: You can ensure your content is SEO-friendly, engaging to read, and tailored to your target audience. It helps you avoid common writing pitfalls and elevate the overall quality of your content.

3. Overcoming Writer’s Block: I often face this syndrome when writing. These tools provide AI-powered content generation features, and outlining suggestions can spark new ideas and help you overcome writer’s block, keeping your content creation process flowing smoothly.

4. Data-driven Insights: Many tools provide valuable data and analytics on your content’s performance, allowing you to track keywords, analyze audience engagement, and adjust your approach for better results over time.

5. Cost-effectiveness: Compared to hiring professional copywriters or SEO agencies, utilizing SEO writing tools offers a cost-effective solution to create high-quality, optimized content for your website or marketing materials.

By embracing these benefits, you can unlock the full potential of your content, attract more organic traffic, and ultimately achieve your digital marketing goals.

Buyer’s Guide: How I Conducted the Research

Choosing the right tool can feel overwhelming. To help you navigate the options, I have done comprehensive research; I have used and analyzed each tool based on several key factors:

1. What is your need and pain point? Content writers often face this challenge: Writer’s block. I do face this problem. My research includes how well these tools eliminate writer’s block, speed up content generation, and keyword research facilities. 

2. Feature Analysis: I evaluated each tool’s functionalities, including keyword research capabilities, content planning features, readability analysis, AI writing assistance, and integration with other platforms.

3. Pricing and Value: I compared pricing models, subscription tiers, free trial options, and alternatives to higher-priced tools to balance affordability and valuable features.

4. User Reviews and Feedback: I have researched user reviews and expert opinions to gain insights into each tool’s user experience, effectiveness, and potential limitations.

5. Personal Testing: In my 3+ years of digital marketing, I have tested and evaluated their interface, ease of use, and output quality generated through AI features and optimization suggestions.

This research helps you to make informed decisions based on your specific needs and budget. Remember, the “best” tool depends on your unique goals and workflow.

Choosing the Right Tool for You

Every SEO content tool does the same thing with slightly different features, ease of use, friendly interface, limitations, etc. Here, I distinguished the tools based on your unique choices. So you can choose which tool suits your needs.

1. Content Creation Workflow:

Focusing on keyword research and optimization: Tools like Surfer SEO, NeuronWriter, and Semrush best analyze competitor content and suggest keyword optimization strategies. These tools are best if you are a freelancer copywriter or for your own business.

Creating long-form content: For long-form content, content writing tools like, Surfer SEO, and NeuronWriter do a better job. With Jasper, you can create human-like content with no plagiarism.

Content marketing team needing collaboration features: Almost all tools offer collaborative features. Platforms like Simplified and Frase offer collaborative features for team projects and managing various content formats.

Beginner writer seeking AI writing assistance: Explore ChatGPT to generate creative text formats like poems, scripts, or Gemini to summarize complex topics and offer writing suggestions. You can also use to create a captivating copy with their free plan.

2. Budget and Features:

Limited budget: Consider free plans offered by the Hemingway App for basic grammar checks or Simplified for limited content generation. ChatGPT and Gemini are free to use to create fantastic content.

Seeking advanced features: Tools like Frase and Surfer SEO offer comprehensive features like content gap analysis and backlink analysis but come at higher costs. Compared to Frase and Surfer SEO, NeuronWriter comes at an affordable price.

3. Ease of Use:

New to SEO and copywriting:, Hemingway App, and Grammarly offer user-friendly interfaces for basic grammar and readability checks.

Comfortable with technology: Explore Frase or Semrush for in-depth SEO analysis and content planning, but be prepared for a steeper learning curve.

I hope this section helped you to choose the right tool for your needs. If you aim to become a better copywriter, try not to stick with one tool for years.

There are always alternate tools in the market with new features to help your creativity. Exploring new and emerging options is always a good idea.

Conclusion: Unlock the Power of SEO Copywriting

Writing compelling and search-engine-friendly content can feel like a juggling act. But with the right tool, you can streamline your workflow, overcome common hurdles, and elevate the quality of your content.

Remember, the “best” tool is subjective – what works for one writer might not be ideal for another. Consider your needs, budget, and desired features to find the perfect fit.

These tools are supplementary and only part of your replacement.

Always proofread the generated content, and don’t rely entirely on AI tools. You have to put your effort into building content that wins the trust of your users. So, use these tools to speed up your process.

This article has equipped you with the knowledge and insights to navigate the world of SEO copywriting tools. Now, create content that resonates with your audience and drives results!


1. What is the best SEO copywriting tool?

Have a clear mindset on which tool best suits you for your needs. For long-form content, you can go with or Surfer SEO. If you write social media captions and product reviews, go with

Consider factors like how much you want to spend, the best features, easy navigation, and seamless workflow when choosing the right tool.

2. Are SEO tools a must-have for content creators?

If you want to create content faster and do better search engine optimization, then the answer is yes. These tools speed up the content creation process and improve the content’s effectiveness.

You can do faster keyword research and analyze content gaps with these tools than manually. It offers writing assistance to save you time.

3. What’s the difference between SEO copywriting tools and grammar checkers?

SEO tools go beyond basic grammar and spelling checks. It analyzes your content for SEO, suggesting improvements in content structure and keyword density.

4. Are SEO copywriting tools expensive?

Several tools offer free plans with basic functionalities. Paid plans with more advanced features typically range from affordable options to premium subscriptions, depending on the tool’s offerings.

5. Can I use SEO writing tools to write my entire article?

While some tools offer AI-powered content generation for entire drafts, it’s crucial to remember that these outputs are best used as a starting point or inspiration. You still need to edit the output and fact-check the information for accuracy.

6. How can I learn more about SEO copywriting?

Numerous resources are available online and offline to learn more about SEO copywriting. Enroll in copywriting courses, and you can also read blogs, articles, and tutorials to learn.

7. Is it challenging to learn how to use SEO tools?

The complexity of learning varies depending on the specific platform. Consider exploring free trials to assess their ease of use before committing to a paid plan. See guides and tutorials to familiarize yourself with the tool.

8. Do SEO copywriting tools help with content marketing?

Yes, it helps with your content marketing strategy. Use it to create content that aligns with your audience’s pain points. It enables you to structure the content for better engagement and attract organic traffic.

9. Can I use multiple writing tools together?

While only sometimes necessary, you can combine several SEO writing tools to address different aspects of your content creation process. For example, you might use one tool for keyword research, another for content planning, and a third for readability and style checks.

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